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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

It's no longer just about length and volume. 

If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning or struggling to grow your hair for one of many reasons, you’re not alone.

Hair extensions are suitable for everyone of all ages and all styles, long or short. 

Designed for all hair types, hair extensions can help to fill in gaps, add thickness, and create chemical-free colour and highlights without the damage.

Services include


Chemical free colour


Style correction

Full length transformation

Volume and blow-dry boost

Tape, Weft, Bonded and Mini Micro systems available.

Please get in contact for more information.

Hair In Recovery 


This is a bespoke service for anyone growing their hair back following medical hair loss, this being as a result of treatment or as part of a condition.


“As a general rule, providing your hair and scalp are in good condition – meaning no scalp sensitivity and your hair is long enough – you can enjoy having a longer, fuller hair thanks to a special service from Racoon International called Hair in Recovery. This is a unique programme
of human hair extensions application specifically for people who’ve lost their hair as a side effect from chemotherapy, who have androgenetic hair loss or fine thinning hair.
Sensitive application of Racoon’s Luxe Bonds means those affected can be given an excellent style to help them regain their confidence and boost self-esteem.”


The Hair in Recovery programme has been developed in consultation with Consultant Trichologist Iain Sallis M.I.T., who owns the largest number of trichology clinics in the UK.


“Racoon International offers a tested, approved and trusted hair extensions service designed to be both accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.

Only stylists certified in both Racoon Luxe Bond and the Hair in Recovery course can carry out this specific programme. Plus, for people registered on the Hair in Recovery programme, Racoon offers a subsidy on the cost of the hair, bonding and aftercare products, the detail of which will be explained on an individual basis. Please note, chemotherapy patients must wait at least six months after completing their course and have a minimum of 10cm of hair regrowth before Luxe Bonds can be applied.”

Online or in person consultations are essential before booking.

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