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Hair has no gender so neither does our service menu.

All services are priced on length of hair and time required to create the desired look.

We always recommend coming in for a consultation before booking if you are new to the salon or are at all unsure of which service you require.

What We



Cut & Blow Dry

Typically a 45-60 minute booking where your stylist will cut, shape and personalise your hair into the your desired look.



Blow Dry - Wash & Condition and heat style you hair into desired look.

Dry Styling - Heat styling on hair that has been freshly washed prior to booking.

Hair Up - Dry styling followed by hair being pinned or sewn into a up style. 


Hair Extensions

Partial - Fill in gaps, add volume, thickness or colour.

Full - complete transformation adding length, thickness and colour.


Short Cut & Style

Typically a 45 minute booking for shorter lengths, clipper to cropped styles that are maintained every 4-6 weeks



High lights - Lifting and brightening individual strands of hair.

Balayage - creating a soft graduation of lightness towards the ends of the hair.

Tint - Full hair colouring.

Pre Lighten - Full hair Lightening.

Gloss - Translucant, temporary hair colouring.

Grey Blending -  Subtle, blending of white hair into natural depth. 


Form & Texture

Brazilian Blow Dry - Softening and taming of difficult to manage hair.

Chemical Straightening - Permanent curl removal for a natural straight result.

Perm - Creating curl and movement into the hair.

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